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October 12, 2012 by Craig Wilson

I am now offering social media services for your film related twitter profiles and Facebook pages. If you are in need of extra promotion, consistent engagement and constant updates- then you have come to the right person.

I promise my rates are amazing and affordable. You can even choose single task packages, or use our system to just promote a specific project of your choice.

Check out a list of what we can offer and email for pricing.

We will follow 100 people on Twitter based on 5 key words after an analysis of your target audience.

We will unfollow anyone that does not follow back after a 3 day waiting period.

We will follow back anyone that initially follows you.

Regular posts a month promoting your project for over 11 twitter film based accounts, 11 facebook film based fan pages and your account during high traffic hours based around individual profiles.

Daily curated info on various subjects after an analysis of a the target audience of your project. This curated info is designed to engage your target audience with information that appeals to them.

Daily responses, sharing, and retweets of your audience to increase product awareness and fan building.


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